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About Esaan Thai

Esaan is the country side of thailand and where i’m from.  it has picturesque views, warm people and some of thailand’s tastiest and spiciest food.  my fondest memory growing up in esaan were the many food vendors that would gather at the local street market everyday and sell a few of their best dishes.  the menus were simple and the food was simply perfect.  we are pleased to share the with you some of our best dishes and hope you’ll enjoy them.

About Me

nattha areeboonsap: i was raised in the country side of thailand in a town called nong khai.  the countryside was filled with beautiful fruits, fresh vegetables, home cooking and family.  my goal is to take the fundamentals of thai cooking to inspire dishes that bring the spiciness, tanginess and sweetness together in new and creative forms that are flavorful and healthy for my customers.  i also strive to promote healthier eating by using fresh produce and healthier alternatives.



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About my recent visit to Esaan

on a recent visit back to my hometown (nong khai), i visited many of the same places where i ate as a child.  surprisingly, the same ladies who cooked my favorites like papaya salad and thai soups were still there and the food was just as i remembered!  it was a very nostalgic feeling to be eating at my favorite glass noodle soup stand, sitting in the same seat i used to sit on as a kid!